Prices & Plans


We recommend it mostly to the attention of small units with limited resources. Even this version saves a lot of time for your colleagues.


The extended package meets most of the needs of an average medium/large restaurant. Fully manages online bookings.


A real cannon. This package already includes marketing support. With the cancellation link in the reminder email, the number of guests who do not show up can be reduced to a minimum.




Easy to integrate reservation form for your website

English, German version

Settings can be set separately for the days of the week

Specifying settings other than the default for any period of time

The total number of guests that can be booked can be adjusted

Adjustable average guest stay time

Manage multiple guest spaces or units

Confirmation letter to the guest

Daily email to colleagues about the list of reservations for that day

Online interface for canceling or changing reservations

Online calendar interface for recording available places and telephone reservations

Cancellation link in the confirmation e-mail

A reminder letter to the guest with a cancellation link on the day of the reservation

Custom wording of letters sent to guests

Adding periodic promotional content to the letters sent to the guest

"Net Promoter Score" measurement in the email sent the day after the reservation (statistics)

Restaurant software integration

Marketing software integration

Monthly price






Yearly price (get one month free)







Some of Our Clients

Balanced guest management, without the need for staff.

No more reservations written in checkered notebooks, lost notes and confusion.


We listen to our customers. We are constantly developing and expanding our system.


We constantly test and check our system to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers.


Our system is fully online and available digitally. There is no need to waste unnecessary paper.