Terms & Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) include the terms and conditions of use of the Tableversum System operated as online service by PG Info Kft. company (hereinafter referred to as Tableversum).

The contract between PG Info Kft. and the User is established by means of a regular registration by the User, except in the event of a refusal, upon the payment (crediting) by the User of the fee specified in the first proforma invoice, after which Tableversum begins to provide the service. The Hungarian language contract (GTC) between the Parties is a written contract that Tableversum records and makes available to the User.

PG Info Kft. reserves the right to amend the GTC unilaterally. PG Info Kft. informs the Users about the modification of the General Terms and Conditions in a brief notice. The notice can be displayed on the Tableversum System interface which can be rented as an online service, included in a newsletter sent by Tableversum, or message sent to all of the Users to the email address given on the profile page. PG Info Kft. ensures that the current version of these GTC is continuously available to all Users at https://tableversum.com/terms-and-services and can be retrieved and stored by the User.

I. Service request

The services of the Tableversum System (Tableversum) operated by PG Info Kft. that can be rented as an online service are available to anyone who validly registers in the relevant scope of business activity (not as a consumer) on the Tableversum website, and who is a person with legal capacity and capacity to act or an economic organization. Based on the foregoing, the provisions of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between the consumer and the business, and other legal provisions relating to consumers do not apply to these GTC. By registering, the User confirms that

The User may not use the Tableversum System to support any business that conducts illicit activities or any other activities that PG Info Kft. considers immoral or otherwise objectionable. During the registration, the User is required to provide real data that may be linked to him or her.

If PG Info Kft. becomes aware that the data provided by the User contains not real elements (as well), it is entitled to refuse registration, to partially or totally restrict access to, or to exclude the User from using the Tableversum online services.

II. Subscription fee

The User with Administrator Privileges agrees that our automated billing system will issue electronic invoices. PG Info Kft. undertakes to keep the electronic invoices it issues to the Client and keep it accessible in the system continuously. The Client accepts the electronic billing system.

II.a) Payment method for Tableversum subscription fees

The subscription fee shall be paid by the User to PG Info Kft. in advance. PG Info Kft. records the amount paid and provides the User with monthly reports on the use of the current balance. The User can choose to pay by bank transfer or credit card to PG Info Kft’s bank account. Payment of the subscription fee is mandatory from the day the user starts to use the system. The User is required to settle his/her invoice within the deadline indicated on the invoice.

The regular subscription fee of the Tableversum System that can be rented as an online service includes the continuous operation of the software as defined below and contains the day-to-day data backup and the data storage at a location independent from the service provider. The regular gross subscription fee depends on the functionality of the package. The User shall make payments to the PG Info Kft. account in the currency specified in the chosen subscription package. When operating a service, PG Info Kft. can provide the prices subject to normal, intended use. 

The subscription fee includes the value-added tax and the mandatory charges. The subscription fee includes the management of the number of units and users defined in the tariff package, daily data backup, unlimited number of logins to the System, guaranteed response from the client service within 1 working day, 24 hour/7 day technical and security support of operation, and continuous improvements.

In case of a late payment, PG Info Kft. reserves the right to limit (suspend) the service in whole or in part upon the expiry of the payment deadline. Tableversum’s subscription fees shall also be due for the period of suspension caused by late payment. (During the suspension period PG Info Kft. still provides the user with storage of data in the Tableversum system, security backups of data, and the operation of automatisms and forms set up by the user.)

III. Obligations of PG Info Kft.

PG Info Kft. provides the User with the operation of the Tableversum System that can be rented as an online service as defined in these GTC.

If PG Info Kft. causes damage to the User — subject to the nature of the present service — the responsibility of Tableversum is to restore the original condition and to provide professional support for the compensation for which no remuneration can be charged, provided the User has acted with expected diligence (e.g., but not exhaustive: he or she has implemented adequate continuous data backup, properly controlled the system access rights, and, in the event of damage, acted with expected diligence).

If due to late delivery of information by the User or for other reasons, PG Info Kft, due to the circumstance outside of its control, is not able to maintain the availability undertaken in the General Terms and Conditions, PG Info Kft. must inform of this the User without delay.

PG Info Kft. must immediately notify the User of any circumstances that it has been aware of which would prevent or hamper the performance of the service. PG Info Kft. shall be responsible for reducing the service level associated with the failure to notify.

III.a) Limits of liability

PG Info Kft. does not have any responsibility or liability for the User(s)’s conduct vis-à-vis other Users or third parties.

PG Info Kft. does not assume any liability for any damages primarily caused by computer viruses which occur in the User’s hardware or other assets during the login process, the use of the System, the opening of received e-mails. PG Info Kft. also assumes no responsibility for the inability to access the system or its slow operation attributable to the fault of the Internet service provider.

PG Info Kft. does not bear any liability for any conduct (especially damage) arising out of the unprofessional, unlawful use of the System or its use in violation of the GTC, and/or for the use of the service with lower material gain as opposed to the User’s expectations, as well as for the loss of material gain, and/or any financial loss.

PG Info Kft. is also not liable for any loss of or damage to any personal or confidential information that may arise from the unavailability of hardware or software in whole or in part, personal injury or failure to perform any obligation (including cases of negligence, good faith or obligations arising from rational reasoning).

During the performance of this contract, the exploration and repair of the incorrect data recording of the User and the resulting debugging and repair do not fall within the scope of the obligation (liability) of PG Info Kft.

 The content of the System and the Tableversum Website (e.g., text, data, video, audio, image, etc.; hereinafter referred to as ‘materials’), except the materials provided by the Users at the disposal of PG Info Kft, is the exclusive intellectual property of PG Info Kft, and any use of it, whether online, whether in printed or any other format, may only be possible with the prior consent (license) given byPG Info Kft. Their use without authorization violates the copyright laws and the laws on personality rights.

III.b) Liability for damages

Given the benefits provided in this contract and the amount of the subscription fee, PG Info Kft. undertakes liability for damages up to 3 (three) monthly fees.

III.c) Conditions for subcontracting

During execution, PG Info Kft. is entitled to employ a subcontractor.

IV. User responsibilities

The User is required to accept PG Info Kft’s contractual fulfillment and timely pay PG Info Kft. the fee for this fulfillment. The User has to provide PG Info Kft. with the facilitation required to perform this service.

The User declares that he or she is aware of the rules on sending mail over the Internet. PG Info Kft. is not responsible for the content of data traffic generated during the use of the service. PG Info Kft. is entitled to limit (suspend) the service in whole or in part if the User uses the Software to violate the interests of a third party or the applicable law in force.

V. Code of conduct

By accepting the GTC, the User acknowledges the following:

V.a) Zero tolerance SPAM policy

PG Info Kft. follows a zero-tolerance spam policy. According to the internationally accepted definition, all bulk and unsolicited e-mails are considered as spam emails, including emails asking permission.

Under Hungarian law on electronic advertising [Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services and Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic requirements of and certain restrictions on, commercial advertising activities] any email or equivalent means of personal communication (e.g., SMS, MMS, fax) can only be sent with the recipient’s previous, clear and explicit consent.

Because recipients give consent to a specific sender for sending emails in a certain topic, a list built in a former company owned by the same person cannot be transferred to another company. Bulk advertising emails sent to a list of purchased contacts is also considered as spam. Advertising bulletins sent to non-newsletter subscribers are also spams if recipients have not consented to the sending of emails for advertising purposes.

The National Communications Authority (except emails sent to the company’s central addresses) imposes fines of up to HUF 500,000 for the sending of unsolicited advertising bulletins (including letters asking permissions).

If subsequently PG Info Kft. becomes aware, e.g. in the form of a spam complaint, of the fact that, the User contrary to his or her statement is not entitled to send bulk emails, PG Info Kft. reserves the right to disable the bulk email feature in, or suspend the User’s system depending on the number of spam notifications and the email posting history.

V.b) Prohibited content

The user shall not send any emails, SMS, or attachments from the Tableversum System that:

Also, the User shall avoid the use of terms that spam filters consider as spam suspects, so the User shall not send messages that:

VI. Technical conditions

The Tableversum SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM System is a web-based software service that requires Internet access. You can log into the software via the https://reservation.tableversum.com/ website

VI.a) Login conditions

VI.b) Conditions for work

VII. Availability

PG Info Kft. guarantees that the software provided by it will fulfill the 0-24 hour service level with 99% availability per year. This gives a maximum of 3.65 days a year for your PG Info Kft. service downtime, including scheduled and announced maintenance times and other problems.

VIII. Data backup

All data stored in the Tableversum System will be encrypted daily in a storage location different from the primary server location, which includes the PG Info Kft. Database as a whole to restore the System after a possible crash.


IX. Confidentiality

PG Info Kft. commits itself to protect and preserve, to treat confidentially, as a trade secret, any data, confidential data, information, confidential information, documents acquired in the performance of the service, and make all efforts to ensure that they are adequately protected.

PG Info Kft. and the User may use confidential data and confidential information only to perform the service and may disclose the data and information acquired by them only with the prior written consent of the other party unless such disclosure is required by law.

PG Info Kft. agrees that all data, information transferred to it under this GTC, classify as a trade secret, and as such shall be treated confidentially, and their disclosure to any third parties or use in a manner other than that specified in the GTC are prohibited.

The above obligation of confidentiality shall remain in force for an unlimited period after the service is terminated for whatever reason.

The User shall be fully responsible for the use of any service where the access occurs through the password. The full liability for the confidentiality of the User’s password rests with the User.

PG Info Kft. processes the personal data, provided by the User in the context of voluntary data provision, confidentially only to the extent necessary for the identification of each User and to the extent required for the performance of the service and the extent to which it is successfully performed, and in compliance with the provisions of Section 13/A of the Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services. By concluding this Contract, the User agrees that his or her personal data will be used as specified in this Contract.

PG Info Kft. is required to erase the data recorded by the User in the Tableversum System at the User’s request immediately. If the User does not request erasure, PG Info Kft. stores the data recorded by the User in the Tableversum System for 90 days after the termination of the contract.

X. Data protection

By accepting the GTC, the User acknowledges and accepts the information contained in the Tableversum’s Privacy Policy:  https://tableversum.com/privacy-policy

XI. Force Majeure

Force majeure is any extraordinary event after the conclusion of a contract which renders impossible its performance and which could not be anticipated or avoided by the contracting parties and which cannot be attributed to any party’s default. Such events may include, in particular, emergency, strike, war, revolution, terrorist acts, natural disasters, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, shipping embargoes, etc. In the event of force majeure, both parties shall be exempt from the obligation to perform the contract.

XII. Cases of contract termination

The User may terminate this contract with immediate effect without any specific reasoning.

In this case, PG Info Kft will refund the proportionate portion of the prepaid subscription fee within 30 days provided the User has paid any possible debts.

PG Info Kft may terminate the contract with immediate effect in the following cases:

Extraordinary termination of the contract may only be effected in writing — by email sent to the defaulting party to the email address provided during the registration. The data recorded in the Tableversum System are owned by the User, so when the contract is terminated by any party, the data entered in the Tableversum System will be provided free of charge to the User in XML format as soon as the User settles the account.

The User is then entitled to use the support of another operator. However, he or she cannot access the software source code. Upon termination of the contract, the parties shall fully settle accounts with each other.

XIII. Settlement of Disputes

The user can reach Pg Info Kft with any possible complaint via the following contact detail: tamogatas@kiwipro.net. The User agrees that the Tableversum Client Service will only be available to active Users with Active System; i.e. those who do not have indebtedness against an invoice or, if their System has been suspended due to an earlier indebtedness against an invoice, only after the suspension has been released. The Tableversum Client Service may deny to service other persons. Users can contact the Tableversum Client Service via telephone between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Tableversum and the User shall use their best efforts to settle by direct negotiation any contradiction or dispute arising between them within the framework of or in relation to this contract. The parties shall be mutually obliged to inform one another of any circumstance arising after the conclusion of the contract which hampers the performance of the contract once this circumstance has become known.

If the parties concerned, within 30 days of the commencement of these direct negotiations, cannot resolve the dispute arising from or in connection with the contract, the parties the exclusive jurisdiction of the territorially competent Court is stipulated..

Ikrény, 11. February 2023.



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