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When developing the provisions of this Policy, the company took into account the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council ("General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"), CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information. Act ("Infotv.") and the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code ("Ptk").

Data management is carried out on the basis of a voluntary, prior, properly informed declaration of the natural persons representing the Users, whose declaration contains the express consent of the Users to the use of the Personal Data provided by them during the use of the System, as well as the Personal Data generated from them. In the case of data management based on consent, the User has the right to withdraw his consent at any time, which, however, does not affect the legality of the data management before the withdrawal.

Name of data controller

    Company name: PG Info Kft.

    Full name of the company: PG Info Service and Commercial Limited Liability Company

    Address: 9141 Ikrény, Sport u. 22.

    Representative: Szabolcs Póta



    Company registration number: 08-09-011910

  EU Tax number: HU13208734208

Declaration of consent to the processing of my personal data

I give my voluntary and express consent to the processing of my data provided on the electronic interfaces of PG Info Kft.

At the same time as recording my data, I declare that I am 18 years of age and capable of acting. I represent a legal person or other organization without legal personality, and the person I represent, or I am an authorized and authorized person to represent the organization and to give the necessary consent for data management and data processing according to this information.

I declare that I will not make any special personal data available to PG Info Kft. either during registration or later in any form. Special personal data includes, among other things, racial and ethnic origin; political opinions; religious and worldview beliefs; union membership; genetic or biometric data that can be used to identify a person; health data or data related to sex life or sexual orientation.

I declare that I will not make a number suitable for personal identification available to PG Info Kft.

With my consent, I acknowledge that PG Info Kft. can send me letters, brochures, event invitations containing advertising related to its scope of activities and search by phone.

I can withdraw my consent to the processing of my data at any time, in the ways specified in the information, for example by sending a request to the email address .

Your rights

You have the following rights. Based on the GDPR, we must respond to your request within a maximum of 1 month. We will do our best to respond much sooner than that.

Right to information

You can ask us to inform you about the personal data we manage. You can request access to this data.

At any time in writing by registered mail sent to our address, or to you can request information by sending an e-mail to The request for information sent by letter is considered authentic if we can clearly identify it based on the sent request.

A request for information sent by email is only considered authentic if it is sent from the registered email address, but this does not preclude us from identifying you in another way for security reasons before providing the information.

The request for information may cover the data we manage, their source, the purpose, legal basis, and duration of the data management, the name and address of any data processors, the activities related to data management, and, in the case of transmission of Personal Data, who received or will receive your data and for what purpose.

Right to rectification

You can request the correction or modification of your Personal Data at any time in writing by registered mail sent to our address or by e-mail sent to . Taking into account the purpose of data management, you can request the addition of incomplete Personal Data.

Right to be forgotten (Right to Erasure)

You can request the deletion of your Personal Data that we manage. Deletion may be refused (i) for the purpose of exercising the right to freedom of expression and information, or (ii) if the processing of Personal Data is carried out in the public interest (legislation authorizes); and (iii) it is done for legitimate private interests (for the presentation, enforcement and defense of legal claims).

In all cases, we will inform you of the refusal of the deletion request, specifying the reason for the refusal. After fulfilling the request to delete personal data, the previous (deleted) data can no longer be restored.

Newsletters can be unsubscribed via the unsubscribe link in them.

The right to restrict data processing

You can request that we restrict the processing of your Personal Data if you dispute the accuracy of the processed Personal Data. In this case, the limitation applies to the period that allows us to verify the accuracy of the Personal Data.

We flag the Personal Data we process if you dispute its correctness or accuracy, but the incorrectness or inaccuracy of the disputed Personal Data cannot be clearly established.

You may request that we restrict the processing of your Personal Data even if the Data Processing is unlawful, but you oppose the deletion of the processed Personal Data and instead request a restriction of its use.

You can exercise this right even if the purpose of the Data Management has been achieved, but you require the processing of your data for the presentation, enforcement or defense of legal claims.

If you object to data processing, we will restrict the processing of your Personal Data, which restriction applies to the period until it is determined whether the legitimate reasons of the data controller take precedence over the legitimate reasons of the data subject.

The right to protest

You can object to the processing of your Personal Data (i) if the processing of Personal Data is necessary only to fulfill a legal obligation concerning us or to enforce our legitimate interests; (ii) if the purpose of Data Management is direct business acquisition, public opinion polls or scientific research; or (iii) if the Data Management takes place in order to fulfill a task in the public interest.

We will examine the legality of the protest, and if we establish that the protest is well-founded, we will terminate the Data Management and block the managed Personal Data, and we will also notify all those to whom the Personal Data affected by the protest were previously transmitted about the protest and the measures taken based on it.

Purpose of data management

    Identification, contact.

    Customization of the system and marketing messages sent to you.

    Customer support, advice, product presentation, answering questions.

    Preparation of statistics, analyses, decision preparation. Based on this, coordination of content development and product development.

    Compliance with our legal obligations.

  Validation of our legitimate business interests.

Tableversum is considered a Data Controller with respect to its employees (information request, offer request) and its website (registration, login, newsletter, cookies) .

Managed data

We process the data you provide:



  Phone number

We may log data for security reasons:

    Viewed page/feature

    Exact time

    IP address

  Browser cookie

The profile is created based on the data you provide. Our goal is for you to find the messages we send really interesting and relevant.

Based on the profile data, we target and build newsletters using manually created filters. There is no decision made by automated data processing during the process.

Designation of data processors

Server placement service:

    Name: Deninet Kft

    Address: 1118 Budapest, Bercsényi u. 79/b

    Phone: +36 1 2960075



  Stored data: website visit data, correspondence, individual contracts and offers, calendar entries, telephone contacts, data divided into tables based on filters, unique user IDs, visitor identification cookies.

Web analytics, email and document management, calendar, phone contacts, table synchronization, display of targeted advertising:

    Name: Google LLC

    Address: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025

    Phone: N/A

    Email: N/A


    Stored data: website visit data, correspondence, individual contracts and offers, calendar entries, telephone contacts, data divided into tables based on filters, unique user IDs, visitor identification cookies.

  Operations: analysis of website visit data, A/B test run, email service, document management, calendar service, synchronization of phone contacts between devices, online spreadsheet manager, display of targeted advertisements (retargeting).

Display of targeted advertising:

    Name: Facebook Inc.

    Address: 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

    Phone: +1 650-543-4800

    Email: N/A


    Stored data: website visit data, unique user IDs, visitor identification cookies.

  Actions: displaying targeted advertisements (retargeting).

Web analytics performed on the website

We would like to inform you that we use Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, AdWords Conversion Tracking and Facebook Remarketing programs to measure visits to the Tableversum website and to monitor the behavior of its visitors, to prepare statistics and to measure the effectiveness of its advertisements.

The linked programs in your browser are so-called Cookies are placed, which store unique user identifiers. As a visitor to the Tableversum Website, you allow the use of Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, AdWords Conversion Tracking and Facebook Remarketing programs. At the same time, you consent to the monitoring and tracking of your behavior and the use of all services provided by the programs.

In addition to all this, you have the option to disable the data recording and data storage of cookies for the future at any time as described below. We would like to inform you that the settings and use of the Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, AdWords Conversion Tracking and Facebook Remarketing programs fully comply with the requirements of the data protection authority.

According to Google, Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to report visitor interactions on its website. These cookies only record non-personally identifiable information. Browsers do not share their own cookies between domains. More information about cookies can be found in the Google Advertising and Privacy FAQ .

Google Analytics

Tableversum uses the Google Analytics program primarily to generate its statistics, including measuring the effectiveness of its campaigns By using the program, Tableversum mainly obtains information about how many visitors visited its Website and how much time the visitors spent on the Website. The program recognizes the visitor's IP address, so it can track whether the visitor is a returning or a new visitor, and it can also be tracked how the visitor traveled on the Website and where they entered.

Google Remarketing

Tableversum collects data from the DoubleClick cookie in addition to the usual data from Google Analytics. The remarketing service can be used through the DoubleClick cookie, which primarily ensures that visitors to the Tableversum website will later come across Tableversum's ad on free Google advertising platforms. Tableversum uses the Google Remarketing program for its online advertisements Tableversum ads are also displayed on Internet sites by third-party providers such as Google. Tableversum and third-party service providers, such as Google, use their own cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to collect information based on users' previous visits to the Website for orientation and to optimize and display advertisements.

Google AdWords conversion tracking

The purpose of Google AdWords conversion tracking is to enable Tableversum to measure the effectiveness of AdWords ads. It does this with the help of cookies placed on the User's computer, which exist for 30 days.

Facebook Remarketing

Tableversum uses Facebook's remarketing pixel to increase the effectiveness of Facebook ads, so-called for the purpose of building a remarketing list. Thus, after visiting the Website, an external service provider - such as Facebook - may display advertisements on Internet websites. Remarketing lists are not suitable for personal identification. They do not contain the visitor's personal data, they only identify the browser software.

Disable cookies

If you want to manage cookie settings or disable the function, you can do so in your own browser. Depending on the browser's toolbar, this option can be found in the cookies/cookies/tracking functions placements menu item. You can usually set which tracking features you enable/disable on your computer under Tools > Settings > Privacy Settings.

If you do not want Google Analytics to report on your visits, you can install the Google Analytics blocking browser extension. This add-on instructs the Google Analytics JavaScript scripts not to send visit information to Google. If you have installed the blocking browser extension, you will also not participate in content experiments.

If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics web activity, visit the Google Analytics opt-out page and install the browser add-on. For more information on installing and uninstalling the extension, see the help for your browser.

Principles of data management

    The Data Controller handles Personal Data in accordance with the principles of good faith and fairness and transparency, as well as the provisions of the current legislation and this Information.

    Personal data essential for the use of the Services is used by the Data Controller based on the consent of the concerned User and only for a purpose-related purpose.

    The Data Controller uses Personal Data only in this Information Sheet or it is managed for the purpose specified in the relevant legislation. The range of personal data handled is proportional to the purpose of data management, it cannot be expanded beyond that (data saving).

    Tableversum does not process the personal data of persons under the age of 18 .

    The Data Controller does not hand over the Personal data it handles to third parties other than the Data Processors specified in this Notice, as well as the External Service Providers in some cases referred to in this Notice. An exception to the provisions contained in this point is the use of data in a statistically aggregated form, which may not contain any other data suitable for the identification of the concerned User in any form, and therefore does not qualify as Data Management or data transmission.

    In certain cases, the Data Controller may harm the interests of the Data Controller, jeopardize the provision of Services, etc. - makes the available Personal data of the concerned User accessible to third parties.

    The website of the Data Controller may collect data on the activity of Users, which cannot be linked to other data provided by Users during registration, nor to data generated when using other websites or services.

    The Data Controller on the correction, restriction, or will notify the concerned User of its deletion, as well as all those to whom the Personal Data was previously transmitted for the purpose of Data Management. The notification may be omitted if this does not violate the legitimate interests of the data subject in view of the purpose of Data Management.

    The Data Controller ensures the security of the Personal Data, takes the technical and organizational measures and establishes the procedural rules that ensure that the recorded, stored and managed data are protected, as well as prevent their accidental loss, unlawful destruction, and unauthorized access, unauthorized use and unauthorized modification, unauthorized distribution. To fulfill this obligation, the Data Controller calls on all third parties to whom Personal Data is transmitted.

    Given the relevant provisions of the GDPR, the Data Controller is not obliged to appoint a data protection officer.

  The Data Controller is responsible for compliance with the principles.

Confidential data management

Tableversum treats the recorded data confidentially and does everything to ensure the security of the data, and uses them in a manner necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. This includes e-mail and SMS sending and the contact details provided by you, in which case the message is sent via the given service provider.

Tableversum will never sell or lend your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes . Tableversum may transfer your personal data and other relevant information if necessary in response to a subpoena, court decision or legal process .

Furthermore, Tableversum may assert and exercise its legal rights and defend itself against legal claims.

Tableversum chooses the IT tools used during data management in such a way that during operation the managed data is accessible only to Tableversum - as the person authorized to do so - to preserve the authenticity of the data, on the recorded data - to the procedure of the data recorder outside - no changes occur, the recorded data is protected from unauthorized access.

The data managed by Tableversum may be forwarded upon official or judicial notice, as well as on the basis of legal regulations, which Tableversum will notify its users of in its newsletter, as long as it does not conflict with the official or judicial notice or the relevant legal provision.

Our employees' access to personal data

For our employees, we only provide access to the personal data we manage that is absolutely necessary for work.

Servers containing production data are only accessible to the narrowest necessary circle – the team that operates the production servers.

Duration of data management

In accordance with the regulations of the GDPR, we process your data with a predefined limitation period for each data area.

Personal data for 365 days after the last contact, except where legal requirements or contract fulfillment require a longer period of time.

Data transfer

We are entitled and obliged to forward all Personal Data at our disposal and stored by us in accordance with the law to the competent authorities, which we are forced by law or legally binding official obligation to forward Personal Data. The Data Managers cannot be held responsible for such data transfer and the resulting consequences.

If we hand over the operation or use of our service in part or in whole to a third party, we can hand over the Personal data managed by us in part or in whole to this third party without asking for a separate consent, but with appropriate prior information, provided that this transfer of data cannot bring him to a more disadvantageous position than the data management rules indicated in the current text of this Notice. In the case of data transmission according to this paragraph, we provide the opportunity to object to the data transmission before the data transmission. In case of objection, it is not possible to transmit your data in accordance with this point.

In order to verify the legality of the data transmission and to inform the data subject, the data controller keeps a data transmission register, which contains the date of transmission of the personal data it manages, the legal basis and recipient of the data transmission, the definition of the scope of the transmitted personal data, as well as other data specified in the legislation requiring data management.

Updating information, following legislative changes

The Data Controller continuously revises and updates the Information Sheet in accordance with changes in the legal environment and the authorities' expectations. The User can continuously find information about the current Notice under the "Data Management Notice" section of the website.

More questions/answers

You can request information regarding data management and/or processing at any time by sending an email to .

Complaints about data management directly to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; telephone: +36-1-391-1400; e-mail:; website: www.naih .hu) can turn.

If your rights are violated, you can go to court. Adjudication of the lawsuit falls within the jurisdiction of the court. At your choice, the lawsuit can also be initiated before the court of your place of residence or residence. Upon your request, we will inform you about the possibility and means of legal redress.

Ikrény, February 11, 2023.




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