Digital Table Reservation System

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Balanced guest management, without the need for staff.

No more reservations written in checkered notebooks, lost notes and confusion.

Why Tableversum?

Monthly paid service, without additional commissions and hidden costs.

A table reservation system for your restaurant can help you manage your reservations, streamline your operations and increase customer satisfaction by providing a seamless, hassle-free booking experience. It can also help you reduce no-shows, increase occupancy rates, and help you keep track of customer preferences and dietary requirements. Finally, it can help you save time and money by automating the reservation process.

Tableversum desk reservation form on a mobile device.
Guest experience and frequent guest program support with personalized messages
It is intended for restaurant owners and operators
Monthly paid service without initial costs and additional commission
Online cancellation and modification option
Individual handling of special or unusual periods
Ensures quality and complete guest communication without staff
Optimally filled guest space without overbooking
Automatic notification of reservation data to kitchen and service staff

We listen to our customers. We are constantly developing and expanding our system.


We constantly test and check our system to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers.


Our system is fully online and available digitally. There is no need to waste unnecessary paper.